All You Can Eat (AYCE)

At Orchid, we provide a different style of buffet, one that does not have food just drying out on a steam table. Food, especially sushi, just isn't good once it has been sitting out in the open for too long. We offer a full service made-to-order buffet, in which you are provided with order sheets at each table to fill out and make your selections.


Once you have made your selection, just turn on the tap light at your table and one of our staff will have the chefs start preparing your order for you to enjoy. After your order is completed and you have finished enjoying your selected items, your order sheet will be returned and you can then repeat the process again for as many rounds as you like! It is that simple!

For those who do not wish to participate in the All You Can Eat experience, we offer a regular menu just like any other restaurants.

For parties of 5 or more, please call ahead and set up a reservation!


Adult: $18.95

Age 7-11: $11.95

Age 4-6: $7.45

Age 3 and under: $2.95


Adult: $26.95

Age 7-11: $13.95

Age 4-6: $9.45

Age 3 and under: $2.95

For AYCE service,18% Service Charge will be added to the total and 20% for groups of 10 or more.

All You Can Eat service is only available to full table. Soft drinks and tea are included. The difference between lunch and dinner AYCE is that the dinner includes sashimi, and more specialty roll options. If you wish, you may speak with your server about upgrading to the dinner menu at the dinner price during lunch hours.

We ask that you please order responsibly and not over-order, you can always order more if what you ordered before was not enough. We reserve the right to charge for any leftover food that goes to waste.